Overview: Nuevo Amanecer (A New Dawn) is a community-based cognitive-behavioral stress management program for Spanish-speaking women with breast cancer. The program grew out of a desire to provide psychosocial services to this underserved group in order to reduce stress and improve well-being.  It is the result of ongoing research, collaboration, and generous funding.  The program was developed through a translational process that engaged Latinas with breast cancer and community organizations.

The website provides access to program materials and related research publications. Under the following website tabs you will find the following:

  • Program materials: Women receive cancer information, emotional support, coping skills training (e.g. goal setting, cognitive reframing, relaxation techniques), and resources. The program is delivered in person by trained breast cancer survivors (compañeras) in urban and rural community settings. Participant program materials are available in English and Spanish.
  • Program implementation and compañera training: Also available is a community implementation guide that provides step-by-step guidelines for adapting, implementing, and evaluating the program in a new community setting, including training materials for compañeras. All materials for program implemention, training, program delivery, program promotion, and evaluation are available for download on our website.
  • Research: Formative research was used to obtain input from Latinas with breast cancer and community organizations that provided them with supportive services. The program was evaluated through two 6-month randomized controlled trials, which compared the program group to a wait-list control group. Outcomes included breast-cancer specific quality of life and psychological distress.

This research was supported by funds from the California Breast Cancer Research Program of the University of California, Grant Number 21OB-0135.