Program Implementation, Compañera Training, & Materials

Program Implementation

We provide a guide to aid community-based organizations in delivering Nuevo Amanecer (A New Dawn), an evidence-based, stress management program for women with breast cancer. This guide explains the steps necessary to implement a successful program, including program planning and preparation, staffing, training Compañeras, program promotion, and evaluation. Community agencies such as cancer support agencies, safety net hospitals are in the best position to offer the program in a way that fits the needs of local communities.

How to start a stress management program for Latina breast cancer survivors: provides step-by-step guidelines for adapting, implementing, and evaluating the program in a new community setting, including training compañeras.

Training Compañeras

Details about training Compañeras are provided in the Implementation Guide for Communities (above). Compañeras receive three days of in-person training to prepare them to deliver the program. The training includes didactic presentations, hands-on review of the program manuals, and active practice of the skills training and activities with feedback. 

Training agenda: a 4-page detailed agenda outlining each hour for the 3 days. It includes page numbers being referred to in the Compañera Training Manual (day 1) or the Compañera Program Manual (days 1-3).  This agenda also appears in the front of the Compañera Training Manual.

PowerPoint slide presentation: a 50-slide PowerPoint presentation to be used on Day 1. 

Compañera Tranining Manual: a 20-page manual to be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation on Day 1. 

Compañera Program Manual: this nearly 200-page manual is identical to the Participant Program Manual (described under program materials), but is supplemented with scripts and suggestions for delivering each session. It is for use by compañeras to help conduct each session with a participant.

Training completion certificate: upon training completion, a completion certificate acknowledges and rewards women. 

Training evaluation survey: upon training completion, a survey is administered to women who evaulate the training they completed.